October 25-27 2024
ROME Italy
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We, the Association of Italian Chiropractors (AIC), invite you to celebrate with us our 50th Anniversary in Rome, from the 25th to the 27th of October 2024.

The AIC has been promoting and supporting chiropractic in Italy since 1974 and for its 50th anniversary We are planning an event that showcases the three pillars of chiropractic like AIC has always done.

The location we picked to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AIC is Rome, the eternal city where all the roads lead to.

Over the course of three days We’ll take you on a journey through the WHY, HOW and WHAT We do what we do as chiropractors.

Get ready to be inspired by great speakers and to learn stuff you’re gonna be able to apply on Monday morning.


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AIC Anniversary Venue & Accomodation

The Association of Italian Chiropractors has arranged rooms in the Venue Location with favourable booking conditions for Event delegates.

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